Monday, April 23, 2007

Aww.... the luck of the Irish!

So this is day two of another joyous 7 day tour flying the worlds richest folks here and there and everywhere. It has been great so far...except for... well, let me start with the good parts. I didn't have to go to work until 3pm on Sunday so that was quality time spent with the wife that normally is spent working for the man. Today the airplane was broken so another day off in the hotel....Embassy Suites, Not bad. Here is the bad part, when I checked in to the hotel I noticed all these mini Irish flags everywhere and a bunch of overweight, red faced white men standing around with big mugs of beer and bad teeth......not to mention, they were wearing Kilts!!!! I asked the front desk what was going on and they told me that this week was the "International Irish Convention"... WOW, there is an Irish convention where you come together and talk with a fake Irish accent and drink alot. So needless to say, by now I hate bagpipes.... and riverdance. Who would have thunk it????? an Irish convention............. I'm going to ask my wife if we can have an "Alabama Convention" Southern accents, Football Uniforms, Bar-b-q and country music...... but no kilts.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Now that was fun!

So today I flew my first "famous" person with my present job. The thing that drives me crazy about people that champion a cause is this, if you believe in a cause, live your cause.... So let me talk about a "cause" If you publicly criticize the government's environmental policies and call yourself an "environmentalist" and raise money for the cure of "global warming" please do not travel using the following methods:

1. Show up to Private Jet in Chevrolet Suburban 4X4(30gal)

2. Gets in Private Jet and flies 750 miles(400gal)

3. Is picked up in Ford Excursion (40gal)

I mean, I love causes..... and environmental protection is a great one....but drive an electric car! They are cool, I promise!! I won't laugh.

Monday, March 19, 2007

OK OK OK , so I'll post again

So I am now getting reminders daily from my sister that my Blog needs to be updated......So here goes.

I just returned from my 6 month airplane recurrent training which basically means I flew a flight simulator with graphics that would resemble those on an Xbox 720 or Playstation 12..... which doesn't exist now, but that is how realistic it is. I spent 5 days demonstrating my ability to basically not crash while experiencing events such as: engine fires, engine failures, hydraulic failures, disruptive passengers, and the famous Rapid Depressurization. Wow, how fun that is.......this is the problem, each simulator session is 4 hours long.... each simulator session requires total concentration.... I have severe ADD.....

4 hrs of focus + my ADD x 5 Days = Severe Fatigue

So my only problem is that I have to sleep half the day away after training so that I can function...... Oh well, the cross I have to bear to have half the month off. Please if you can, feel sorry for me.

Now that the Training is over, I can prepare for my annual pilgrimage to the Sun-n-Fun fly in in Lakeland, FL. My next post will be about my love of Sun-n-Fun, Old Airplanes, and the Old men who fly them.....oh and I'll talk about my surprise birthday present.... Till next time. Fly Safe.


Friday, January 19, 2007

Back to work

So Christmas is over and work is back...... O what fun flying in the winter is .....especially the North East US. Really, why do people live here???? High Taxes, bad weather, high cost of living............ Oh well, more space for me in the south.....minus Fla. Well my football team at Georgia Southern finally has something to cheer about. After one season with the worst coach in GASOU history, we have a new man, and he seems to want to win football games! Wow..... well, we shall see how this pans out but I feel good about it. I trust all is well in blog world and I shall post after I get back from this tour.....I'm stuck in Ithaca,NY. it smells.