Monday, March 26, 2007

Now that was fun!

So today I flew my first "famous" person with my present job. The thing that drives me crazy about people that champion a cause is this, if you believe in a cause, live your cause.... So let me talk about a "cause" If you publicly criticize the government's environmental policies and call yourself an "environmentalist" and raise money for the cure of "global warming" please do not travel using the following methods:

1. Show up to Private Jet in Chevrolet Suburban 4X4(30gal)

2. Gets in Private Jet and flies 750 miles(400gal)

3. Is picked up in Ford Excursion (40gal)

I mean, I love causes..... and environmental protection is a great one....but drive an electric car! They are cool, I promise!! I won't laugh.

Monday, March 19, 2007

OK OK OK , so I'll post again

So I am now getting reminders daily from my sister that my Blog needs to be updated......So here goes.

I just returned from my 6 month airplane recurrent training which basically means I flew a flight simulator with graphics that would resemble those on an Xbox 720 or Playstation 12..... which doesn't exist now, but that is how realistic it is. I spent 5 days demonstrating my ability to basically not crash while experiencing events such as: engine fires, engine failures, hydraulic failures, disruptive passengers, and the famous Rapid Depressurization. Wow, how fun that is.......this is the problem, each simulator session is 4 hours long.... each simulator session requires total concentration.... I have severe ADD.....

4 hrs of focus + my ADD x 5 Days = Severe Fatigue

So my only problem is that I have to sleep half the day away after training so that I can function...... Oh well, the cross I have to bear to have half the month off. Please if you can, feel sorry for me.

Now that the Training is over, I can prepare for my annual pilgrimage to the Sun-n-Fun fly in in Lakeland, FL. My next post will be about my love of Sun-n-Fun, Old Airplanes, and the Old men who fly them.....oh and I'll talk about my surprise birthday present.... Till next time. Fly Safe.