Monday, April 23, 2007

Aww.... the luck of the Irish!

So this is day two of another joyous 7 day tour flying the worlds richest folks here and there and everywhere. It has been great so far...except for... well, let me start with the good parts. I didn't have to go to work until 3pm on Sunday so that was quality time spent with the wife that normally is spent working for the man. Today the airplane was broken so another day off in the hotel....Embassy Suites, Not bad. Here is the bad part, when I checked in to the hotel I noticed all these mini Irish flags everywhere and a bunch of overweight, red faced white men standing around with big mugs of beer and bad teeth......not to mention, they were wearing Kilts!!!! I asked the front desk what was going on and they told me that this week was the "International Irish Convention"... WOW, there is an Irish convention where you come together and talk with a fake Irish accent and drink alot. So needless to say, by now I hate bagpipes.... and riverdance. Who would have thunk it????? an Irish convention............. I'm going to ask my wife if we can have an "Alabama Convention" Southern accents, Football Uniforms, Bar-b-q and country music...... but no kilts.